Black & Bluegrass roller girl battles breast cancer

We Think Pink each month in an effort to get women and men talking about the need for breast cancer screenings.

While pink may be considered a "girly" color, the battle against breast cancer is anything but delicate.

FOX19 met a group of ladies who take no prisoners when it comes to supporting one of their own.

The Black and Bluegrass Rollergirls typically don intimidating black jerseys and make up, but for one special bout it was all things pink in honor of one roller girl who is kicking cancer's butt one day at a time.

Stephanie Rogg, or Kung Fu Hussy as she's known in the roller derby world, has beat ovarian cancer.

Now she's taking on breast cancer.

"I found a lump in February," recalled Rogg. "I had ovarian cancer about 8 years ago, so I went and had it checked out and it went very quickly."

Doctors wasted no time getting Rogg checked out.

Diagnosed with invasive ductile carcinoma, she's already had a lumpectomy and a lymph node biopsy.

Now the fight continues.

"Basically, I started chemo," she explained. "This is my second round. I've got four more rounds to go. Then I do 4 to 6 rounds of radiation and then I'll take Tamoxifen."

And while the road ahead may not be easy, the Kung Fu Hussy side of Rogg is ready to get the skates back on.

"It's kind of hard to describe. When I'm not playing my feet itch. I want to skate so bad."

Rogg serves as the teams interleague liaison and she still comes to support her team when she is feeling well.

Although she prefers to stay behind the veil of her roller derby identity, she also knows talking about her fight will help raise awareness.

"I'm a pretty private person," Rogg said. "So telling the whole tri-state area I have cancer feels really weird. I don't know how else to describe it, I guess. But you know, its awareness, making people aware that it can happen to anybody."

The support of the Black and Bluegrass RollerGirls has been encouraging for Rogg, and even support from opposing teams is a reminder that soon she'll be back in the game.