Middletown volunteers give back to deserving single mother

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Dozens of volunteers in Middletown are giving back to a deserving single mother in need of a break.

"It's way beyond anything I could've ever imagined in a million years," said Elizabeth Edwards, who saw her new home for the first time on Sunday.

Thanks to some generous donations and hardworking volunteers, Elizabeth and her two boys, Logan and Leeland, have a brand new home in Middletown.

"We've always been in a place where they've had to share.  This will be good for them to have their separate space.  They have everything, like Leeland and the Bengals.  That's his thing, and Logan and UK," added Edwards.

For Leeland, Sunday was a little more special.  He uses a wheelchair to get around and needed a place that is all his own.  Being such a huge Bengals fan, his new room is decked out in Bengals gear with plenty of things from his favorite player, Andy Dalton, including a personalized video.  As Leeland entered the room, there was another surprise waiting for him.

"It's great to sit there with him, just find out who his favorite players were on the Bengals.  He loves the Bengals.  It was an awesome feeling.  I loved being in there in the room with him," said Vinny Rey, a linebacker for the Bengals.

After some planning and preparation, four days is all it took to save the home from destruction to the shape it's in right now.  A group called "Hands and Feet" is a ministry at a local church that helped bring the whole project together.

"Here we are today, a house that was going to be destroyed, and now it's living.  There's life inside.  The family's inside.  For Elizabeth, and for Leeland, and for Logan, there couldn't be really a greater story," said Lamar Ferrell, who is the lead pastor at Berachah Church.

There are a few small loose ends that need tied up in the home, but the family couldn't be more grateful to have a new place to call home. 

"It is wonderful, so, so beautiful.  It hasn't all set in yet," Edwards told FOX19.

Before this new house, Edwards and her sons were renting another place that didn't have a wheelchair ramp for Leeland.  That's in the past now as the volunteers at her new house put in two ramps for her son.

This is the eighth project the Hands and Feet group has completed.

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