Taxpayers React to Allegations against Mike Allen

Mike Allen's attorney Michael Hawkins tells FOX19 that before Allen went public about the affair, Rebecca Collins sought a more than two million dollar settlement. Those talks failed, Allen made his public announcement about the affair, and then hours later, the lawsuit was filed.

All over the tri-state, taxpayers are well aware of the allegations against their county prosecutor Mike Allen. The following are opinions aired on FOX19 Sunday night:

"He's always been someone who speaks for high morals and high morality and when you believe something like that, it contradicts what you're trying to do politically."

"Frankly, he should resign."

"He's part of the city, he's a married man, it should never happened."

"He had a key to her apartment, and stuff. It sounds like a soap opera to me. I'm not sure if he should resign, but it's good he came forward."

"I think it's really unfortunate because I think Mike Allen's a great guy, done a great job. It's just a real sad situation."

"If she had such a problem with it, then she should've said something from the beginning instead of waiting 3 1/2 years. It's all about the money."

Opinions may be divided on who's telling the truth or not, but there's one thing most taxpayers who spoke to FOX19 have concerns about: if their tax dollars will pay for legal fees in this lawsuit.

Hamilton County Commissioners are having an executive meeting at four o'clock Monday.


19 will be following this story closely.
ollins and
llen are expected to return to work