Mike Allen Shows Up For Work Monday

FOX19 caught up with Hamilton County Prosecutor Mike Allen as he returned to work Monday morning, the first time since Rebecca Collins, a female assistant attorney in his office filed a federal lawsuit accusing him of sexually harassing her.

John Ester from the prosecutor's office confirmed that Collins, also returned to work Monday. She was on vacation last week.

Collins, 33, has accused Allen of seducing her since June 1999.

Collins filed a complaint more than two weeks ago to assistant prosecutor Carl Stich. In which she stated, "Mr. Allen forced me to accept a position in the civil division instead of the municipal division, the usual step for my career path because of his fear that his wife, a municipal court judge, would discover our relationship."

Meanwhile veteran Judge Robert Ruehlman told the Cincinnati Enquirer Allen should resign. Democratic co-chairman Tim Burke believes that's likely to happen. However when FOX19's Dan Carroll caught up with Allen Monday morning he said he wasn't going anywhere.

FOX19's Ten O'clock news will have more on the continuing Mike Allen story

Watch FOX19's exclusive video of Mike Allen arriving at work Monday morning