51% of adults are streaming cheaters

LOS GATOS, CA (FOX19) - Netflix has unveiled new information that confirms a sneaking suspicion— more than half of couples are likely to cheat.

But don't start grilling your significant other or giving them the evil eye just yet.

A recent survey revealed 51% of those in a relationship would "cheat" on their spouse/partner/significant other by streaming a TV program they agreed to watch together before their partner had a chance to watch it.

More specifically, more than 28 million U.S. adults confessed they had already cheated and 10% admitted they had been cheated on.

Sneaking around with that addictive little show may seem like a minor form of infidelity—but don't be surprised if it leads to a few slamming doors and a bit of the silent treatment.

Among those in a relationship who would stream cheat, the highest percentage said they would be likely do so at home by themselves on the main TV (66%).

Scandalously, 21% would watch in bed while their significant other was asleep and 5% said they would cheat in the bathroom.

Perhaps to get out of sleeping on the couch, results showed that many would take some kind of action to either hide or face the fact that they watched a TV program via streaming before their significant other.

Although, 14% of streaming cheaters say they would feel so guilty that they would have to confess. On the other side, 12% would re-watch and "fake it" with emotion.