3 Roosters, 27 chickens in backyard leave neighbors upset

WYOMING, OH (FOX19) - Wyoming residents are saying there's a troublemaker disturbing the peace in their neighborhood. Some are calling them a 'neighborhood nuisance'.

There is not one rooster, but three, along with 27 chickens being kept in a backyard in Wyoming.

"We have a dog, and we cant even let our dog out," explained neighbor Renee Elliott.

There have been ten complaints made to the Wyoming Police Department in the past few months, as a result. Some say the chickens have been blocking the streets, others have complained about, well, the noise.

Neighbor's 911 call: The rooster is out again. Is there any progress with that rooster, or are we not going to be able to sleep the rest of our lives? 

Johnny Van Styn owns the chickens and roosters and says they're harmless.

"The Tri-State area and beyond have Swedish Flower Hens because they are the nicest, and I also may have the most beautiful," said Van Styn.

He's says he knows they are a lot to handle.

"I've had one complaint about the roosters, and then I had a complaint about the chickens in the road back in the winter," explained Van Styn.

He says if anyone has a problem, he needs to know so he can fix it.

"Just come to me and say, you know, 'Mr. Van Styn, I don't want your chickens in my yard anymore,' but I haven't had anyone do that," said Van Styn.

The Wyoming Police Department says there are no laws that forbid having 30 chickens and roosters in a residential neighborhood.

However, police say that once it becomes a nuisance, the owner could face a misdemeanor citation.

Van Styn tells FOX19 that by this weekend, he plans to get rid of two of his roosters.

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