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Prattville draft beer legislation waits for bill's signature


From one restaurant to another, there's cautious optimism that draft beer is about to arrive in Prattville.

House bill 239 passed Monday in the state legislature and Governor Robert Bentley is expected to sign the bill this week.

Fox's Pizza Den just received its liquor license this week to sell regular beer. Now it's making plans to sell draft beer.

"We fully expect business to increase by 50% once we get it," said Assistant Manager Jackie Moore.

Of course all of this is contingent upon the governor signing it this week. Assuming that happens then the Prattville City Council is expected to 'act quickly' on the matter during its regular council meeting on June 4th.

"Just two weeks ago I got a call from a commercial realtor wanting to know the status of the bill," said Prattville Mayor Bill Gillespie.

The mayor says he's literally had businesses stay away from Prattville because the city didn't have draft beer. Gillespie says this makes good economic sense.

The manager of Longhorn Steakhouse was not allowed to go on camera but did tell us he's already equipped to serve draft beer. The manager is just waiting on the signatures and kegs.

On the other side of the issue Buddy Chavers calls himself a 'minster.' Mr. Chavers doesn't like the idea of having draft beer but conceded he understands the economic benefits.

"If this is what this town wants then so be it. I just feel it's bad for the drunks!," said Chavers.

Both Longhorn Steakhouse and Fox's Pizza Den say they're already in contact with their respective distributors about getting the necessary equipment needed to serve draft beer.

Another reason why restaurants welcome draft beer is because this could potentially mean fewer beer bottles that have to be thrown away; less trash, more space in the landfill.

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