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Returning serviceman surprises his kids at school


From the looks of the outside, it appears to be a normal day at Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School St. Bede's campus.

But the end of the year excitement is on for these second graders. That's where we find 8-year-old Hannah who's in for a big surprise when her stepfather Lieutenant Colonel Craig Drecher walks through the classroom door.

Drecher had to accept the call of duty leaving his kids and wife in early January for a four and a half month deployment in the Middle east.

"Most of the unit came home on Friday and Sunday I stayed behind. We had one last plane and one crew that stayed behind and we got back with that crew on Monday to Pope Air force base and then I drove from Pope home and that allowed me to come to school today and surprise the children," Drecher said.

His son, 6-year-old Ben also had a big smile on his face after seeing his dad.

But it was kind of like deejay for Hannah. Her father gets emotional when he talks about the dream his daughter had about his return.

"Hannah had a dream a few weeks ago that Marjorie had picked her up and that I would be there to surprise her at school," Drecher said.

"The circumstances started developing and it looked like we might able to come to school and we just got to the idea to surprise them and literally make a dream come true," Margie Drecher said.

In addition to Hannah and Ben, the Drechers have two more children including a 2-year-old you probably noticed in the video.

Lieutenant Colonel Drecher is a part of the 908th Airlift Wing unit at Maxwell Air force base.

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