IRS worker involved in scandal talks exclusively to FOX19

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Last week, Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller said "two rouge IRS employees" were responsible for targeting conservative groups in 2012, something the IRS admitted to.

However, the Exempt Organization Specialist that spoke exclusively to FOX19's Cory Stark says that statement by Miller is not true, and even smirked when asked about Miller's comments.

The IRS worker says an Exempt Organization Specialist's job is to ask questions to those applying for 501(c)4 status, but there was never any intent to target conservative groups. The worker says this is not the conspiracy some are making it up to be.

The worker says the BOLO list ('Be On the Look Out') is added to all the time, but didn't say who controls the list.

The worker also said to have had several conversations with Cindy Thomas, the Exempt Organization Determinations Program Manager, but wouldn't detail those conversations.

The IRS worker hopes this whole thing blows over and hopes the truth comes out in Washington that the lower-level workers aren't responsible for any wrongdoings.

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