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Driver in Music Row double fatal DUI to serve 1 year in jail

Tommy Allen and Michael Brooksher Tommy Allen and Michael Brooksher
Trevor Bradshaw Trevor Bradshaw

A man accused of striking and killing two pedestrians while driving drunk near Music Row in December 2011 has pleaded guilty to reduced charges.

The plea has the parents of one of the victims saying the law needs to be changed.

Michael Brooksher and Tommy Allen were struck as they tried to cross Demonbreun Street near the Music Row roundabout.

The driver, Trevor Bradshaw, and his girlfriend, passenger Erin Brown, were charged with vehicular assault and vehicular homicide in the deaths, and Bradshaw also faced a charge of leaving the scene of a crash.

But Bradshaw's sentence Friday of one year in jail for the young men's deaths has left Brooksher's parents heartbroken all over again.

"Other than the day he died, it's the hardest thing I've ever had to do," said Brooksher's father, also named Michael Brooksher.

"One year in jail, nine years probation for killing two people," said stepmother Vicky Brooksher.

Bradshaw ended up pleading guilty to reduced charges of vehicular homicide by reckless conduct and leaving the scene of a death.

The district attorney told the Brookshers the way the law is, that's the best plea he could get, because Bradshaw is a first-time offender.

"The first offense killed Michael and Tommy. Why do they need another chance to kill someone else?" Vicky Brooksher said. "If a drunk driver hurts someone, or kills someone - first offense or not - it should be very strong punishment."

The Brookshers said the law needs to change. For Bradshaw, they say, a year for killing two people is just not enough.

"The law should be strong enough that you're scared to drive drunk," Vicky Brooksher said.

But there were problems in the state's case. The victims stepped out into traffic, Bradshaw's attorney said, and experts would have testified he had less than 1.5 seconds to react.

That, and because he fled the scene, the police didn't get a blood alcohol test from Bradshaw.

Erin Brown was sentenced Friday to serve seven days in jail for her part in the incident. Investigators said she asked Bradshaw to drive, because she was too drunk.

The Brookshers said they always knew their son was a giving person, and they learned he had designated an organ donor, so he kept on giving to others, even in death.

"He was just an unbelievable kid," said father Michael Brooksher.

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