Recent rash of shootings reported in Cincinnati

WINTON TERRACE, OH (FOX19) - Memorial Day weekend began with a violent 24 hours in the City of Cincinnati.

Two people were killed and three others wounded in four separate shootings.

Despite the recent gunfire, the faith community delivered a message of hope.

Dozens of people, many of whom have lost family and friends to gunfire, marched in Winton Terrace as a way of taking a stand against violence.

Pastor Nick Burnett at House of Hope Church says they want to send a message that 'enough is enough'.

"If one person gets shot, it's one too many, so we are just declaring peace all over the city, and it's starting with Winton Terrace first," said Burnett.

At about 9 p.m. Friday, police responded to two separate shootings in Avondale. The first one happened near Harvey Avenue and Hickory Street when a 16-year-old boy was shot in the leg. Minutes later, a woman was shot along Northern Avenue. Both victims were taken to the hospital.

Shortly after 10:30 p.m. Friday in Madisonville, police say 21-year-old Josh Gibson was gunned down in the 5800 block of Bramble Avenue.  Police later made an arrest in the shooting.

Despite this recent spate of gunfire, Rev. Burnett says Saturday's anti-violence march offered a sense of hope.

"It is good when people want to make the change also. Not just the police or not different agencies, but it's good when the citizens want to make a change."

Rev. Pete Mingo with the Christ Temple Full Gospel Baptist Church  says, "When you see those who've already lost loved ones come together to unite the community against those types of things, you see all kinds of possibilities. Through their experiences they know what to say to the young men, the young women. Through their experiences they can give somebody else hope who are about to give up."

While police work to enforce the law and take violent people off the street, groups like Project Nehemiah say citizen involvement can play a key role in keeping our communities safe.

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