Spring Grove Cemetery honors Civil War soldiers

SPRING GROVE VILLAGE, OH (FOX19) - Community members gathered at Spring Grove Cemetery on Memorial Day to honor those who gave their lives during the Civil War.

The Sons of Union Veterans were joined by a Civil War reenactment group in the Civil War historic section of the cemetery.

"It's important to remember how we became our country and who we are today," Tyler Sullivan said.

Sullivan is the youngest of the 6th Ohio Volunteer infantry, a local Civil War Reenactment group.

"My grandfather, the captain, he teaches me a lot more about [the war]," Tyler explained.

For many attendees, the volunteer infantry added a layer of understanding to an often forgotten history lesson.

"In a book you don't get the visual effect of how everything happened," Sullivan explained.

"You hear and you imagine how things must have gone back then," one young boy echoed.

Following the ceremony, young and old placed petals on the graves of union soldiers recognizing the sacrifices a century and a half ago that prompted the Memorial Day holiday.

"I want [my daughter] to remember that and respect that and remember the many people who came before her that sacrificed everything to make sure that she could grow up in this country," Eric Brown said.

Brown has served in the military for 12 years and says the gravestones remind him of the legacy he has to live up to.

"A lot of people came before me and wore this uniform and it's good to remember them, honor them, and carry that torch forward," he said.

"Parents are bringing their children because they understand they truly need to learn these lessons," offered Denny Brown of the Sons of Union Veterans.

For many, the events at Spring Grove provided an opportunity to meditate on the meaning of the holiday.

"Be thankful," Brown urged. "Be thankful where you were born and where you grew up at. Nowhere else in the world do you have the kind of freedom and opportunity you have here."

"Remember your ancestors," echoed Sullivan.  "Remember them as much as possible so you can remember how they shaped our country."

For more on Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum, follow this link: www.springgrove.org

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