Tabouleh and hommus from Andy's Mediterranean Grill

Tabouleh and hommus

Ingredients for tabouleh serving for 4 people:
3 bundle of Parsley, 2 head of tomato about 3/4 lb, 1 bundle of green onion, fresh mint, fresh lemon, extra virgin olive oil, dash of salt and black pepper,and 1/4 lb of bulger wheat soak in water.

How to make:
Shop the parsley very fine dice the tomato and onion 1/4x1/4 0f an inch size also dice the mint and mix all ingredient together including olive oil 3 oz lemon juice , lemon juice and bulgar wheat.

Hommus ingredient:
1 lb of garbanzo beans very well cook, 4 oz of tihini sauce, 6 oz lemon juice, 3 oz of water, 3 gloves of garlic

And mix them in food processor and serve.

Simple and ease to make.