Sex offender round-up held in Hamilton Co.

HAMILTON COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - On Tuesday, local law enforcement announced the results of a sex offender sweep.

The annual sweep is called the Adam Walsh Compliance Operation.

As a results of the operation, the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office arrested Ronald James, who is supposed to register every year for 10 years.  Officers say James had 11 rifles and 4 handguns in his possession.

But this roundup was much bigger than that.

There are nearly 1,400 sex offenders living in Hamilton County.

Every one of them got a visit from a task force made up of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, United States Marshals Office, Ohio Adult Parole Authority and the Cincinnati Police Department.  The idea was to make sure the offenders were living where they were registered with the sheriff's office.

"We caught a lot of people off guard.  We came across, as you'll see on these stats, a lot of violations.  It just goes to show that, especially in the aftermath of Cleveland, that we take this serious," said Sheriff Jim Neil.

Of those violations, 1,114 residences were checked and 720 addresses were confirmed.  But, 72 people were found out of compliance, and 237 notices were left on doors that weren't answered.  Fifty warrants were also signed.

"This really tells these offenders that we are looking at you.  We are going to come out and knock on your door.  You're not just going to be able to send in a piece of paper or show up and tell us you live in a certain place.  We are looking for you," said Pat Sedoti of the U.S. Marshals Service.

A sweep like this is the first of its scale in Hamilton County, and that's enough for one woman to feel more secure in her community.

"I already do feel pretty safe living in Hyde Park, but I do come downtown to areas and such that I don't always feel as safe.  So, knowing that they are putting out that effort, it makes a big deal I think, for the community," said Ashley Weaver, who lives in Hyde Park.

Officers are already out checking on compliance for about 20 registered offenders each week.  This time, they say the community was very receptive to their efforts.

" We didn't get any complaints.  We mostly got praise from the community.  They were very happy to see the Marshals and the Sheriff's Office combined, going out and verifying that the offenders are where they're supposed to be," said one of the officers in the sweep.

Last week's efforts will not be the last time this happens in the community.

"We will, without notice, conduct future operations, most definitely," added Sheriff Neil.

You can search for registered sex offenders in Hamilton County here:

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