Four Elmwood Place Council members resign

ELMWOOD PLACE, OH (FOX19) - Four members of the Elmwood Place village council have resigned, but the reasons vary depending on who you ask.

With only two members remaining on the Elmwood Place village council, no legislation can be passed because four members are needed to make a quorum.  In the meantime council business has come to a standstill.

Gerald Robertson is one of two remaining council members and he says that's a problem.

"Which puts us in a real dilemma because we have some critical issues that need to get passed in the next couple of days and we no longer have a council, " said Robertson.

Robertson says those who quit have good reasons. "I think it's a matter of frustration. Several of them have good valid health reasons for doing it. I think their doctors advised them with their health conditions they didn't need the stress."

Councilmen Fred Mathews and Luther Woodrum say health issues prompted them to resign while Ryan Jenkins says she's going back to school. FOX19 was unable to reach Councilman Roger Brown for comment.

Robertson says that stress comes directly from town hall. "The speed cameras put a lot of pressure on all of us and the other is, I think, just frustration and realization that the mayor's not up to doing the job."

"I think they resigned over the traffic cameras. I think the traffic cameras are a money grab," said resident Caleb Wess.

Village resident Debbie Lane has a low opinion of the city administration and says she's happy to see the council members go.

"I really believe they need a new mayor. I think they need a new chief of police. I don't think he does his job," said Lane.

No timetable has been given on when the empty council seats will be filled, but the longer they remain vacant the more council business is likely to pile up.

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