Family members remember Michelle Mockbee one year later

FORT MITCHELL, KY (FOX19) - Another northern Kentucky murder still without any closure. One year ago on Wednesday Michelle Mockbee was found murdered at her workplace in Florence.

David Dooley, 38, worked as a janitor there at the time of the deadly beating in which Mockbee suffered from deep cuts and blunt force trauma. Dooley was arrested last September and charged. Last month investigators discovered that DNA found at the scene of the crime didn't belong to Dooley.

Dooley remains in jail on a $1 million bond. The Kentucky Commonwealth Attorney's office says although no DNA evidence was found of Dooley at the crime scene, there are still dozens of items that need to be tested.

But on the one year anniversary of that tragic incident, Wednesday was all about celebrating Michelle Mockbee's life.

Friends and family say each day without Michelle has it's struggles, but especially today.

"I woke up the moment that she died and laid in bed and it was like a ton of weight laying on top of me," said Laura Rodgers, friend.

"It just feels like it was yesterday. We re-lived everything that went on that morning and it was very tough to get through this morning," said Jennifer Schneider, sister.

Michelle left behind two daughters, Carli, 11, Madelyn, 8.

"I thought my mom was a very special mom because she as long as she grew up she got prettier by the moment," said Madelyn.

Michelle's sister Jennifer says Michelle always used to play in these parent/kid soccer games with her girls at the end of the season, and this was the perfect way to honor her.

"She did everything with her girls. Her girls were her life, her family was her life," said Schneider.

"She always wanted to win, but she knew she couldn't beat her kids," said Rodgers.

Laura Rodgers says she and Michelle were friends for over 20 years and she was happy to organize this for her best friend.

"She was not my blood but she was my family. She was my soul sister, she was the best friend anyone could have," said Rodgers.

On Memorial Day, over 100 friends and family members of Michelle showed up to Great American Ballpark to catch the Reds game. Even some of the players are keeping Michelle in their thoughts and prayers.

"Some of the Reds players wore these bracelets in her memory so we're very thankful to them that they decided to do that and are very honored," said Schneider.

At the end of the night, small notes written for Michelle were attached to balloons and released into the sky. The family says it's a special way to end such a difficult day.

The family says they plan to go many more Reds games this year because that's what Michelle loved to do.

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