More suspects arrested in Covington drug roundup

COVINGTON, KENTUCKY (FOX19) - Covington Police have arrested more suspects in a large drug round up.

According to the Covington Police Facebook page, two suspected drug dealers were arrested overnight Tuesday and another was arrested over the weekend. A vehicle was also seized.

Covington Police have been fighting back against the war on drugs over the past several weeks.

Officers are looking for drug traffickers involved with pills, heroine, and cocaine.

"It's good for the simple fact that there's kids out here playing around. It's just a lot going on, especially on the corners and I think it'd be good to clean it up," Lauren Cauther, Covington resident.

Lauren Cauther lives right near where some of the drug busts happened Thursday. She says she's not surprised to see yet another drug sweep in Covington.

"Yeah it's always been like this. It's pretty bad, I think it's gotten worse over the years," said Cauther.

Thursday, Covington police in conjunction with the Commonwealths Attorney's Office, the Army National Guard, and the Kenton County detention center began a round-up of 42 suspects wanted on drug charges.

"16 of the people actually live within the city, the others live outside. So what we're trying to do is put a serious dent in the drug trade which we're hoping will slow down our copper thefts and other crimes that are going on," said Captain Nader.

Fox19's cameras were on scene as cops arrested Julia Rabe at 21st Street and Howell Street for first degree trafficking of heroin. Covington police captain Rob Nader says these suspects aren't necessarily connected in any way, they're individual dealers.

"We're improving the quality of life for our citizens. That's our job, that's what we're here for," said Captain Nader.

Cauther says it's not just the drugs, there's other crime in the area that needs to be cleaned up.

"People out here fighting with guns and I have two kids of my own and they're outside playing and somebody will be fighting right there and my kids are right here. It's just bad, it's not a good influence at all," said Cauther.

Rader says the public deserves a lot of credit for getting the investigation to this point.

"It's all driven by complaints from the citizens. They gave us the complaints, told us what they were concerned with, and we try to hit those areas," said Nader.

Covington police say this is going to take some time, maybe even months to serve all 42 of the warrants but they plan to be back out on the streets on Friday.

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