Cincinnati man appears on Jeopardy

NKU grad talks about being on Jeopardy

(FOX19) - A Cincinnati native and recent Northern Kentucky University graduate made his second appearance on Jeopardy Tuesday evening.

James Tarter-Fox, 25, recently graduated from NKU with a degree in history. He currently works as a Customer Service Representative at Kroger and working to be a manager.

James tried out for College Jeopardy multiple times. However, he never made it to the next round. The first time James auditioned for the big show, he made the cut.

James and his girlfriend flew to California in January to film the show. He ended up winning $33,3000 in Monday night's episode, and finished third on Tuesday.

He says it was one of the best experiences of his life.

However, once James reached the Golden State, he realized things were a little different than he expected.

"The studio is a lot smaller than it seemed," said James. "It's a pretty epic feel when you see it on tv. It's still pretty epic when you get here, but it's much more compact than expected."

What does James plan on doing with his winnings?

"I might get a guitar or a computer, something nice for myself. But I've got student loans and I'm itching to move out."

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