Community remembers 1-year-old Garin Niehaus

(FOX19) - A vigil was held Sunday evening for a one year old boy found dead in Hillsboro.

The body Garin Niehaus was found Friday in a heavily wooded area outside of Hillsboro. Garin Niehaus' mother and her boyfriend are facing charges in connection with his death.

The family of Garin Niehaus has a lot of confidence in Hillsboro Police. During this evening's vigil they prayed that justice will be done.

The boy's father, Ian Niehaus says holding the vigil was the right thing to do.

"I want to bring attention to this and make sure that the people responsible for this pay," explained Ian.

The grieving father could barely hold back his tears as he talked about the death of his son.

He says he worried about Garin's safety while in the custody of his mother and her boyfriend.

"There was abuse going on. I heard from the mother's side of the family that there was evidence of abuse and there are other people that had called Children's Services," said Ian.

Garin's Aunt, Emily Hall says Garin's mother, Whitney Johnson and her boyfriend Nathan Ritze apparently didn't want to be found.

"Ian tried to file a missing person's report and was told he wasn't able to because he wasn't married to her, you know," explained Hall. "I drove around and looked on the weekends for their van for hours and I posted on Facebook their picture if anyone had seen them and we made efforts all of us."

Hall says the grieving family is grateful for the community's support.

"It's great to see so many friends, friends that we haven't seen in years, you know, and family and just to know that they're loving and supporting Ian and our family. Even the people that we didn't know here - that means a lot. It speaks volumes for how the community feels about getting justice."

Hall says her nephew deserves that much.

"I'm praying that there'll be further charges because, right now, it's just gross abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence. With all this abuse there's no way that this was an accident there's absolutely no way."

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