PHOTO: Officers salute K9 one last time

Photo courtesy of Old Colony Memorial Facebook page
Photo courtesy of Old Colony Memorial Facebook page

PLYMOUTH, MA (FOX19) - A powerful photo is making its rounds on the Internet, revealing the special bond between man and dog.

Thousands were touched by the story of Kaiser, a German Shepherd K9 who suffered a severe kidney disease.

According to Officer Marc Higgins, Kaiser began with the Plymouth, Mass. Police Department in March of 2011 as a 5-month-old pup, donated from a local family. He quickly won the hearts of his handlers and was trained the skills needed to track the 'bad guys'.

Some two years later, handler and Plymouth Officer Jamie Lebretton announced Kaiser's retirement on May 29 in a Facebook post. Kaiser's health was rapidly declining from severe kidney disease/failure, leading to the tough decision to end his suffering.

He writes, "Kaiser taught me more about myself and my profession than I could have ever taught him."

According to the Old Colony Memorial's Facebook page, officers lined up to salute Kaiser on Friday as he entered the Court Street Animal Hospital one last time.

He was then laid to rest at the Angel View Pet Cemetery in Middleboro, Massachusetts.

Lebretton later posted on the Plymouth Police Working Dog Foundation's Facebook, "RIP my boy. I could not have asked for a better partner or friend. May you rest easy and wait for me at that sacred bridge. I will be there my friend."

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