Another animal death case reported in Butler Co.

REILY, OH (FOX19) - The Butler County Sheriff's Office is investigating another report of animal deaths in one small community.

A Reily Township resident on Springfield Road filed a report around 7 p.m. Tuesday evening after he discovered two of his ponies deceased in a nearby field.

"We were all playing outside in the yard and we smelled this funny smell," the homeowner's daughter Diana Gama told FOX19.

The family had just bought the miniature ponies a few weeks back and say they went missing not long after.

"After we got the horses they disappeared and we didn't know what happened. So my mom and dad went looking for them and we found nothing," Diana said. "We thought that they jumped the fence or something because the fence was bent."

"We went from farm to farm to see if anybody had seen them and nobody had seen them," the horses previous owner, Theresa Martinez told FOX19.

The discovery of the horses was difficult for Martinez.

"Just to find a pet that you had loved for so long in that kind of condition, and not knowing what happened but seeing the bodies was a lot, it was too much," she said.

Diana's mother Yolanda told FOX19 she and her husband are now concerned about their children's safety. She says they found horse hair in the field that looked like it had been cut and added their chickens were left unharmed.

Law enforcement's preliminary investigation of the partially decomposed carcasses did not indicate any definitive cause of the animals' deaths.  The ponies were last seen alive on May 24.

Investigators are trying to see if there is any connection between this incident and a previous case of injuries and deaths to farm animals reported May 9 from a farm on Gray Road, a location adjacent to the Springfield Road address. That previous case still remains under investigation.

"[I've been] physically and emotionally sick for weeks over a lot this and now it's like it's happened all over again," Brittany Colb said.

It was Colb's animals that were mutilated in early May.

"This may be passed off as animals. I don't believe that at all," she maintained, noting the slash-like cuts on her animals.

The sheriff's office, however is keeping their options open.

"There were no obvious strikes to any portion of it to lead you to indicate this was deliberately done by someone," Lt. Mike Craft said. "We're not ruling that out because of the close proximity of the incident that took place a month ago … it also could have just been another animal that ate it."

"I just hope that somebody comes forward with information that they may have or if you suspect anything or anyone that you think is capable of doing something like this to please let the police department know," Colb urged.

Anyone who may have information regarding either the Springfield Road or Gray Road cases, or who has recently experienced any type of similar incident, is asked to call the Sheriff's Office at (513) 785-1300.

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