IRS spent big money on conferences in Anaheim and Cincinnati

IRS leader enjoyed complimentary presidential suite (Picture courtesy CNN).
IRS leader enjoyed complimentary presidential suite (Picture courtesy CNN).

IRS officials will be in the hot seat on Capitol Hill tomorrow facing questions about why the agency spent $4 million at a conference in 2010 in Anaheim, California. FOX19 has also confirmed the IRS held two meetings in Cincinnati that year and spent tens of thousands of dollars on those.

The IRS spent $307,000 on a conference at the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati in 2010. It spent $63,000 on a leadership conference at the Gateway Center in Covington.

Members of the House Oversight Committee will question the inspector general who investigated the bills, the new acting IRS commissioner, and other IRS officials during a hearing that begins at 9:30 a.m. Thursday.

The $4 million tab in Anaheim included a complimentary presidential suite that at least one IRS leader got to enjoy, as well as 24 free tickets to Los Angeles Angels games, and free drinks. But what is getting much of the attention are those "Saturday Night Live"-style videos the IRS spent thousands of dollars producing for the Anaheim conference. One is shot in the style of Star Trek. Another is a spoof of Gilligan's Island.

The best estimate is that those videos cost Americans about $50,000 to make. But that's only an estimate. The IRS didn't keep its receipts, something it wouldn't accept from an average Joe trying to defend what's on his tax return.