Price Hill residents seek to stop violence in the community

PRICE HILL, OH (FOX19) - In the last 24 hours there have been three murders around Cincinnati. People in the Price Hill area are saying enough is enough.

A Stop the Violence charity event was organized to send a message of peace to the community.

Juanita Elliot's 18 year-old son Raymund Jennings was murdered last November.  A victim of street violence, Elliot blames the crime epidemic on young people with too much time on their hands.

"We need more things for the kids in the community, rec centers to stay open longer," explained Elliot. "We need just programs for them to attend. There's nothing for them to do in the community, nothing."

There was plenty to do at the Price Pill Recreation Center this afternoon including free food, basketball and fellowship.

"We lost a loved one and what we did here today was just our way of giving the community an outlet, something to do, a day of peace and we wanted them to know that we care," said Remedy Murray, the Jennings' aunt.

Cincinnati police. Lt. Joe Richardson says he supports events like this. "Twenty years ago, policing was something we did to the community now its something we do with the community. It's critical and today's a good example. We've had no problems. Everybody's enjoying themselves. It's for a good cause. There's no down side to this."

Community activist Sam Malone says he hopes the event sends a message to city officials.

"This is the reason why we do not need to cut the recreation department because a lot of folks are coming together, pulling their own resources together actually telling the community to put down the guns and pick up a ball," explained Malone.  "This is what community oriented policing is all about. This is what community and police relationships are all about; [It's] about pulling resources together so people can know each other and work together."

Money raised during the event will support efforts to spread the message of peace and support families who've lost loved ones to violence.

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