Suspect arrested for series of daytime burglaries

Tyler Drew (Source: Boone Co. Detention Center)
Tyler Drew (Source: Boone Co. Detention Center)

VERONA, KY (FOX19) - A Verona man has been charged for a series of daytime burglaries dating back to April of this year.

Deputies were called to Carr Road in Verona around 11 a.m. Monday for the report of a suspicious man driving a black Jeep who had told a resident he was looking for his dog.  She thought it odd as he left so she followed him and obtained the license number on the Jeep.

Recognizing the description of the Jeep as possibly being used in other burglaries in the area, deputies converged on the area but were unable to locate it.  Shortly thereafter, the driver of the Jeep was found pawning a chainsaw at a pawnshop in Florence.

Tyler Drew, 22, of the 15,000 block of Southfork Church Road in Verona was brought back to the Sheriff's Office and interviewed by investigators where he admitted to involvement in eight burglaries where he took a variety of goods ranging from firearms, cameras, lawn equipment, money, jewelry, and a television.

Drew's modus operandi was to approach a home and knock on the door.  If someone answered he would ask if they were selling hay or if they had seen his lost dog.  If there was no answer he would gain entry to the residence.

Detectives have recovered much of the stolen property and are working on getting it back to the victims whose homes are located between the 11,000 and 15,000 blocks of US-42, Verona-Mudlick Road, Richwood Road, and Carr Road.

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