FOX19 EXCLUSIVE: 17 more IRS workers requested for interviews

WASHINGTON, DC (FOX19) - FOX19 sent Jennifer Grove to Washington, D.C., who is breaking new ground on our exclusive investigation into the Cincinnati connection of the IRS scandal.

We have uncovered 17 additional people who have either been called, or could be called, to Capitol Hill for an interview regarding what they knew about the targeting of conservative groups.

On June 4th, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee requested the IRS make available these eight additional employees for interviews:

  • Hilary Goehausen
  • Carter Hull
  • Ronald Shoemaker
  • Judith Kindell

With these four connected to Cincinnati:

  • Ron Bell
  • Stephen Seok
  • Donna Elliot-Moore
  • Steven Bowling

They also stated that nine more interviews may be necessary with the following people:

  • Mike Seto
  • Steve Grodnitzky
  • Cindy Thomas
  • David Fish
  • Justin Lowe
  • Don Spellman
  • Nancy Marks
  • Sarah Hall Ingram
  • William Wilkins

Stick with FOX19 in Washington, D.C. for additional information on this exclusive information. You can also follow Jennifer on Twitter (@FOX19Jennifer) to get information as it happens.

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