Deer goes Krogering in Newport, Ky.

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - A deer went Krogering on Saturday evening in Newport, Kentucky.

The horned buck walked right into the store with the aid of the automatic door. When it tried to run back out, the door had shut and the deer bounced off the glass.

The deer went sprawling on the floor, which is not suitable for hard deer hooves.

A police detail officer was in the store when the deer walked in. Officers and civilians were able to hold the deer down as he was tied up.

Authorities were able to carry the deer out of the store and place him in the back of a police pickup truck.

The process of releasing the deer may have been more dangerous than catching it. At least four officers were able to safely release the deer outdoors without any injuries to themselves or to the deer.

The deer did little or no damage to the store.

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