Monument dedicated to Katelyn Markham

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - In April, the remains of Katelyn Markham were discovered in Cedar Grove, Indiana.

The Fairfield woman had been missing for nearly two years at the time of the discovery.  But now, a monument dedicated to her will make sure people remember her.

Katelyn's father, Dave Markham, says this monument gives people a chance to go and remember her because there's nowhere else to do that right now.

Alongside a rural road in Indiana sits the memorial cross dedicated in memory of Katelyn.  Her remains were found by people looking for scrap metal along a nearby creek.

"It's bittersweet.  But, it's a place where she was found," said Dave Rader of Ohio chapter of Texas Equusearch.

Rader says they hooked up with a local man to build that cross.  The waist-high monument now gives people a place to remember Katelyn.

"It's a place people can go and say 'hi' or 'goodbye' to her.  It's just a marking.  Like I said, there's no other spot right now to be able to go and say something to her," said Katelyn's father, Dave Markham.

The cross was placed along Big Cedar Road in Cedar Grove, Indiana.  On it reads, 'No Longer Lost.  Never Alone.'  Those words were put on there by the man who made the cross who never previously met Katelyn, or her father.

"I really had no idea what to expect.  But when they presented me with this, it's absolutely beautiful," added Markham.

It took the craftsman three weeks to build Katelyn's cross, a symbol for someone he didn't know.

"He wanted to do this for Dave out of the goodness of his heart.  He didn't want it to be just an ordinary cross.  He wanted to make it a little bit special," Rader told FOX19.

Dave Markham told FOX19 the first time he met the cross builder was the day it was put up.

He added that, as far as he knows, Katelyn's remains are still being analyzed in Indianapolis.  He's urging anyone with any information about the case to come forward.  You can call Crime Stoppers at (513) 352-3040.

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