Local college student target of possible hate crime

WALNUT HILLS, OH ( FOX19) - A Northern Kentucky University student says he was the target of a hate crime while coming home work.

He believes he was attacked because he's gay.

Matthew Clark has been living on Morris Street near Eden Park for just three weeks, and already, he feels uncomfortable in his neighborhood.

"I parked my car, and I walked around to the other side to get some stuff out of the passenger seat, and I lean over to close the door, and he's standing right there," Clark explained to FOX19.

The 21-year-old says it was dark when his attacker approached him and couldn't gather a good description of the suspect, but heard was he was saying.

"He brought up AIDS. He brought up the gay f-word. He was calling me a queer and all this other stuff, saying I was a disgrace to society."

Clark revealed the attacker held a gun to his head.

"He asked me why I deserve to live because I am gay."

The suspect took his wallet with $200 inside, then punched him in the head before taking off.

Clark says just five days prior to the attack, a bumper sticker representing gay equality on his car was ripped off.

He says the worst part of the attack was the verbal abuse.

"Honestly, I would have rather have had him taken my wallet and my phone and knocked me out and broken my arm than have to deal with that, because it was disgusting to hear from another human being that he thinks like that. This is 2013," Clark explained.

Cincinnati Police are still conducting interviews and say the investigation into the aggravated robbery is ongoing. No suspects have been named.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call Cincinnati Police at (513) 352-3505.

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