Local Tea Party members rally against IRS

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - From West Chester to Capitol Hill, the Tea Party made their voices heard Wednesday about the alleged IRS targeting of conservative groups.

"There are some people are trying to write the obituary for the tea party. But if you look around at this crowd here today on a Wednesday afternoon, the Tea Party is alive and well, and we are going to write the obituary for big government," said Mike Needham with Heritage Action, a conservative policy advocacy group.

Cincinnati members gathered outside of House Speaker John Boehner's office in West Chester holding signs that read phrases like 'abolish the IRS'.

"People are starting to feel the pressure of government, and we need to say slow down.  We don't want all of our rights and freedoms taken away," said Cincinnati Tea Party member Ann Becker.

Their ire has been largely directed at the Obama Administration, but as FOX19 broke on Tuesday, House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Ranking Member Elijah Cummings released a full transcript of an interview with Cincinnati IRS agent John Shafer.

Cummings says the transcripts debunks the theory of White House involvement in targeting Tea Party group's tax-exempt status.

However, the fight over whether the targeting spawned in Washington D.C. or Cincinnati makes no difference to some tea partiers.

"Just because you disagree with what I believe or what I say gives you no right!" one member argued.

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