Corn Toss Crazy

Cornbag game popular in backyards, bars and on campus

It's a pretty simple idea for a game: players throw cloth bags filled with corn into a goal. Beanbag games in various forms have been around for decades. Ohio players say the corn bag game originated in Cincinnati, although many lay claim to it. The simple premise of the game is to throw the corn-filled bag into a six-inch hole in a wooden ramp 30 feet away. A goal scores three points, a bag left on the platform scores one.

The American Cornhole Association claims to be the arbiter of the game, sanctioning tournaments and "official" rules of play. Although not a drinking game by definition, alcoholic beverages often are consumed. Portable goals have let the backyard game travel to tailgate parties, bars and college campuses, and a cottage industry has sprung up supplying boards, bags, clothing and paraphernalia.