City's annual street paving program underway

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The City of Cincinnati is utilizing $11 million this year for street work in 22 neighborhoods.

Under the City's Street Rehab Program, every neighborhood is targeted for roadwork on a three-year rotation. This work typically includes getting rid of layers of old, deteriorated paving; repaving the street surface, fixing problem areas where appropriate, and installing new curbs.  Neighbors will see work to improve their streets through the summer and into the fall.

Last year, the City used $10 million to rehab 84 streets in 22 neighborhoods.

The streets listed here are scheduled to be rehabilitated during the 2013-2014 construction seasons:

Major Routes

  • Colerain Avenue - Virginia Avenue to Leeper Street
  • Harrison Avenue - Queen City Avenue to Corporation Line
  • Reading Road - Dorchester Avenue to Paddock Road
  • Winton Road - Gray Road to North Bend Road


  • Norway Avenue - Barker Road to Washington Avenue
  • Washington Avenue - Glenwood Avenue to Clinton Springs Avenue
  • Bartle Avenue - Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to South Terminus
  • Bonfield Drive - Baxter Avenue to Norwich Lane
  • Crown Street - Essex Place to East Terminus
  • Ehrman Avenue - Vine Street to Wilson Avenue
  • Essex Place - McMillan Street to William H. Taft Road
  • Haven Street - Forest Avenue to Ehrman Avenue
  • Hickory Street - Knott Street to West Terminus
  • Norwich Avenue - Ehrman Avenue to Baxter Avenue
  • Norwich Lane - Baxter Avenue to Dunkirk Street
  • Walls Street - South Terminus to Glen Este Place


  • 67th Street - South Terminus to Lebanon Street
  • Lebanon Street - 66th Street to 69th Street
  • Poplar Lane - 72nd Street to North Bend Road


  • Biddle Street - Glenmary Avenue to Interwood Avenue
  • Cornell Place - Ludlow Avenue to North Terminus
  • Gano Avenue - Howell Avenue to Ludlow Avenue
  • Shiloh Street - Telford Street to Middleton Avenue
  • Woolper Avenue - Vine Street to Clifton Avenue

College Hill

  • Bobolink Drive - Oak Knoll Drive to Galbraith Road
  • Cary Avenue - North Bend Road to North Terminus
  • Sunridge Drive - South Terminus to Corporation Line


  • Charlton Street - Vine Street to Jefferson Avenue
  • Corry Street - Euclid Avenue to Eden Avenue
  • Euclid Avenue - William H Taft Road to Daniels Street
  • Euclid Avenue - Louis Avenue to North Terminus
  • Goodman Street - Highland Avenue to Burnet Avenue


  • Atkinson Street - Moerlein Avenue to Clifton Avenue
  • Cassatt Street - Flora Street to Ravine Street
  • Clybourne Place - Fairview Avenue to North Terminus
  • Fairview Avenue - Fairview Place to Herman Street
  • Herman Street - East Terminus to University Court
  • University Court - Fairview Avenue to Straight Street
  • Victor Street - Emming Street to McMillan Street

East End

  • Eastern Avenue - Riverside Drive to Wortman Street
  • Tusculum Avenue - Eastern Avenue to Columbia Parkway

East Westwood

  • Brokaw Avenue - McHenry Avenue to North Terminus
  • Henrianne Court - McHenry Avenue to North Terminus


  • Fernside Place - Blair Avenue to Jonathan Avenue
  • Grantwood Avenue - Woodburn Avenue to Greenlawn Avenue
  • Harvard Avenue - Merrimac Street to Gilbert Avenue
  • Merrimac Street - Durrell Avenue to Woodburn Avenue
  • Pleasant View Avenue - Blair Avenue to North Terminus
  • Rutland Avenue - Montgomery Road to Trimble Avenue
  • Holly Avenue - Vista Terrace to Lilac Avenue


  • Bishop Street - Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to Hosea Avenue
  • De Votie Avenue - East Terminus to Marshall Avenue
  • Enslin Street - Tafel Street to De Votie Avenue
  • Irma Avenue - Jefferson Avenue to West Terminus
  • Joselin Alley - Joselin Avenue to Probasco Street
  • Lakewood Avenue - East Terminus to Bishop Street
  • Sandheger Place - East Terminus to Riddle Road
  • Stratford Avenue - Straight Street to Probasco Street
  • Tafel Street - Wagner Street to McMicken Avenue
  • Wagner Street - Tafel Street to North Terminus

Hyde Park

  • Arcadia Place - Linwood Avenue to Linwood Avenue
  • Cryer Avenue - Linwood Avenue to Observatory Avenue
  • Kendall Avenue - Madison Road to Sigsbee Street
  • Monteith Avenue - Linwood Avenue to Wasson Road
  • Vista Avenue - Madison Road to North Terminus
  • Vista Place - Vista Avenue to East Terminus
  • Ziegle Avenue - Paxton Avenue to Monteith Avenue

Kennedy Heights

  • Kennedy Avenue - Aikenside Avenue to Corporation Line

Mt. Auburn

  • Albion Place - Auburn Avenue to Gilman Avenue
  • Alvin Street - Dorchester Avenue to North Terminus
  • Dandridge Street - Reading Road to West Terminus
  • Gilman Avenue - Auburn Avenue to Maplewood Avenue
  • Maplewood Avenue - Earnshaw Avenue to Helen Street
  • Ryan Avenue - Dorchester Avenue to North Terminus

Mt. Washington

  • Glade Avenue - Sutton Avenue to Burney Lane
  • Lehigh Avenue - Benneville Street to Morrow Street
  • Marquette Avenue - Cambridge Avenue to North Terminus
  • Parnell Avenue - Cambridge Avenue to Lockard Avenue
  • Raglan Street - South Terminus to Cambridge Avenue
  • Stanhill Court - Lockard Avenue to Sutton Avenue
  • Winchester Avenue - South Terminus to Lockard Avenue

North Avondale

  • Barry Lane - Reading Road to Glen Lyon Avenue
  • Leyman Drive - Clinton Springs Avenue to Red Bud Avenue


  • Alamo Avenue - Marburg Avenue to Ridge Avenue
  • Marburg Avenue - Paxton Avenue to Ridge Avenue/Maple Drive


  • Dalton Avenue - Linn Street to 8th Street
  • Western Avenue - Hopkins Street to Findlay Street

Spring Grove Village

  • Gray Road - Froome Avenue to Groesbeck Road
  • Groesbeck Road - Gray Road to Kiefer Court

Walnut Hills

  • Curtis Street - Gilbert Avenue to Kemper Lane

West End

  • Bank Street - Linn Street to Dalton Avenue


  • Blue Haven Terrace - Timbercrest Drive to North Terminus
  • Carmel Terrace - South Terminus to Mozart Avenue
  • Craig Avenue - Montana Avenue to Evergreen Avenue
  • Day Court - East Terminus to Queen City Avenue
  • Dunn Court - East Terminus to Glenmore Avenue
  • Epworth Avenue - Harrison Avenue to Wardall Avenue
  • Evergreen Avenue - Craig Court to Cheviot Avenue
  • Feltz Avenue - Epworth Avenue to Boudinot Avenue
  • Ferguson Road - Queen City Avenue to North Terminus
  • Mac Arthur Court - Coral Park Drive to West Terminus
  • Manning Avenue - Coral Park Drive to Dartmouth Drive
  • McKinley Avenue - Harrison Avenue to Werk Road
  • McLelland Avenue - Daytona Avenue to North Terminus
  • Morningridge Drive - South Terminus to Fleetwood Avenue
  • Percy Avenue - Gate Street to North Terminus
  • Quante Avenue - Montana Avenue to North Terminus
  • Stathem Avenue - South Terminus to Montana Avenue
  • West Park Drive - East Terminus to Ferguson Road
  • Wooster Place - McHenry Avenue to North Terminus
  • Worthington Avenue - Gate Street to Gobel Avenue

Winton Hills

  • Este Avenue - Kings Run Drive to Seymour Avenue
  • Dutch Colony Drive - East Terminus to Winton Road

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