Study finds Cincinnati is top city for a happy marriage

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - When it comes to living longer, marriage matters, and Cincinnati is the best city for a happy marriage, according to a recent study.

According to a sample of 250,000 people who took Sharecare's RealAge Test, happy marriages are most likely to be found in these ten U.S. cities:

1. Cincinnati, OH

2. Salt Lake City, UT

3. Greenville, SC

4. Milwaukee, WI

5. Boston, MA

6. Pittsburgh, PA

7. Charlotte, NC

8. Knoxville, TN

9. Indianapolis, IN

10. Grand Rapid, MI

Cincinnati was ranked #4 in last year's test. According to the test, high rankings for exercise and sex helped move the Queen City to the top of the list.

To find out each city's recipe for wedded bliss, check out the Sharecare blog.

"Someone who is happily married has the lowest risk of heart disease, cancer, even car accidents," says Dr. Keith Roach, Chief Medical Officer of Sharecare and co-creator of the RealAge Test. "The difference is powerful and striking."

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