Indian Artifacts

Mayor will decide where Indian artifacts should go

The mayor in the Cincinnati suburb of Mariemont says he'll wait until the completion of a sewer project that unearthed Indian artifacts before deciding what to do with the relics. Mayor Dan Policastro says he'll meet early next year with representatives of the Museum of Natural History and Science in Cincinnati, the Mariemont Preservation Foundation, American Indians and other interested parties to discuss where the artifacts should go. The artifacts include tools, arrowheads, pieces of clay pots, corn and an old fishhook. The museum has a large collection of Indian artifacts excavated since the 1870s in the area, and curator Robert Genheimer says it would love to have the newest artifacts. Indians roamed Mariemont and its surrounding area for thousands of years, making the village a fertile archaeology site. Some have suggested that the Indians who last lived at Mariemont may have been Shawnee.