Grenades found at Woodlawn Goodwill store

WOODLAWN, OH (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Bomb Squad responded to a Goodwill store after an employee found three devices that looked like grenades.

The grenades were found at around 8:30 a.m. Monday morning in a shoebox on top of a trash can in the parking lot of the Goodwill on Springfield Pike in Woodlawn.

The shoebox was moved to the auto donation and action building on the back of the property. That building was then evacuated.

"The area they put them in was easy to secure. Short of the devise spontaneously igniting itself with the pin in there, it's highly unlikely there really wasn't any hazard to any persons since we had it in a secure area," explained Christopher Hunt with the Woodlawn Fire Department.

Two of the grenades were determined to be smoke grenades. All three were taken by the bomb squad for processing.

Investigators do not know if the grenades were intentionally left.

No one was hurt.

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