Rita's Spa Water with Lemon and Mint


Fill a glass or pitcher one quarter or half way up with peppermint. Then add enough lemon slices to almost fill the pitcher.  As you put the mint and lemon in, smoosh them with a spoon to release healthful oils and juices.  Fill with water  let infuse at least 30 minutes, sweeten with Stevia or honey, and enjoy.  This drink is refillable!

Why this recipe is good for you:

  • The lemons help you burn carbs more slowly, helps your body utilize the iron that you get from foods, and also is a gentle liver cleanser, plus lemon juice helps form and repair the collagen in your body. Lemons contain good amounts of iron, copper, potassium and calcium. The vitamin C in the lemon helps with stress and is good for your immune system, as well.
  • Peppermint contains vitamin C and A and is great for the digestion.
  • Stevia is a non-caloric, diabetic safe, sweetener, 30 to hundreds of times sweeter than sugar.