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Team of law enforcement, search crews, psychics look for missing Tempe teen


A group created by a former DEA agent ten years ago called 'Find Me' is now on the case in finding 19-year-old Adrienne Salinas.

She's been missing from Tempe for 10 days now, ever since she and her roommates had a party at their apartment. We're told she had a fight with her boyfriend, and on her way to his house, had a tire blowout. Police said she called a cab to pick her up at a nearby gas station, but never made it.

Now the team, comprised of current and former law enforcement officers, psychics, and handwriting, body language and linguistics experts are working on bringing her home.

As each day passes, Salinas' family grows more desperate.

"I miss her, I miss her voice," said Salinas' mom, Suzanne Coss. "I miss her, I miss her."

That's where Kelly Snyder comes in.

"We have resolved or solved 54 cases," Snyder said. Ten years ago, Snyder, who worked for the DEA for 25 years and for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, formed a group of highly trained volunteers called 'Find Me.'

"We have two handwriting experts, we have a linguistics expert, we have 3 airplanes and 4 pilots, we have a dive team, we have search dogs," Snyder said.

They also have body language expert Renate Mousseux, who analyzes video of potential suspects.

"There is a certain way a person who lies answers questions, for instance," Mousseux said. "Their facial expressions, eye contact, mouth movements, touching, self-touching."

Snyder said their team of psychics and search dogs found Jack Culolias, the ASU student who went missing last November, and whose body was in Tempe Town Lake.

"We had 7 people say he was in the water where we found him," Snyder said.

They are now searching for Salinas, and Snyder said he will put in 16 hour days until she's found.

"I want to do it because there's not a lot of people doing this, and I really feel good doing this especially if I can bring closure to a family," Snyder said.

Tempe police said they have searched Tempe Town Lake and found nothing. 'Find Me' has also brought several dogs to this area. They are donation-based, so to find out more information, visit

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