Last flying B-29 bomber on display at Lunken Airport

EAST END (FOX19) - A major piece of American history flew into the Tri-State this week: The last flying B-29 bomber plane used in World War II.

From the 1940'S to 2013, the plane, otherwise known as 'FiFi', still runs like the old days.

Paul Maupin, co-pilot of the B-29 tells FOX19's Jessica Brown, "This is piece of history, and it deserves to be flown around in front of Americans. It's not a museum. It's a museum we bring to people."

It's the last flying B-29 in the world, known for the bombings of World War II, including the ones that dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ending the war.

"We try to tell a story of what America went through during World War II, what the young people, both men and women, did to save our nation from tyranny," Maupin explained.

Lead scanner on the B-29, Caren Landis, gave FOX19 a tour inside the plane, showing us where the gun sits and even letting us inside the firing control system.

Landis joined the B-29 crew two years ago in honor of her dad.

"My father was a B-29 radio operator in World War II. These are his dog tags.  I feel like I'm going on missions for him," she said.

Then, Jessica Brown took part in the flight of a lifetime.

"They were 18 to 25-years-old in this big old bomber that would go for 17 hours. It was amazing," Landis explained to her while soaring over the Tri-State.

Crew members say although the flight is a great experience, meeting the veterans who once flew the planes is an even greater one.

"I would do this job and never touch the airplane if I just got to listen to their stories. They are

Priceless," said Maupin.

FiFi, the B-29 bomber, will be on display Friday through Sunday at Lunken Airport.

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