P&G collaborates with transport carriers to promote sustainability

Photo courtesy of militarywivessaving.com
Photo courtesy of militarywivessaving.com

Procter and Gamble (P&G) will become one of the first large shippers to convert a large portion of its for-fire truck loads to natural gas, beginning July 2013.

P&G is collaborating with eight transportation carriers to convert 20 percent of its truck load shipments within a two-year time frame. This conversation will help P&G incur savings for converted lanes and reduce greenhouse emissions (GHG) by nearly 5,000 metric tons, an equivalent to GHG emissions from 1,000 passenger vehicles a year.

"P&G is investing in carriers with a commitment to natural gas vehicles to help boost the emerging natural gas industry, while continuing to seek more sustainable options for our supply chain and operations," said Yannis Skoufalos, Global Product Supply Officer for P&G.

The natural gas conversion will also enable P&G to use for-hire transportation carriers on routes longer than the average while supporting the growth of natural gas refueling stations.

High capital costs of vehicles and limited fueling station are sometimes challenges for the natural gas industry, and P&G's advocacy helps remove obstacles to a resource that is mainstream for large scale shipments.

P&G includes the natural gas carrier arrangement to its 22 natural gas vehicles, which is a part of the company's vision to place sustainable logistics at the front line of manufacturer-retailer collaboration across supply chains.

"Sustainable logistics is a critical part of achieving this bold vision, so we're taking important steps to make our supply chain more efficient," Skoufalos said.

For more information about P&G and its commitment to the environment, visit: www.pg.com

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