Judge confiscates Elmwood Place speed cameras

ELMWOOD PLACE, OH (FOX19) - A hearing was held Thursday morning to determine whether or not Elmwood Place was in contempt of court for continuing to use speed cameras during an appeal.

The Village of Elmwood Place filed an appeal after Judge Robert Ruehlman filed a permanent injunction against the speed cameras in March. The village filed a motion asking that the cameras continue to run during the appeal, which Ruehlman denied.

On Thursday, Ruehlman ruled that Elmwood Place was in contempt of court for continuing to operate the cameras and collect money. He confiscated the speed camera and ordered the Sheriff's Office to take it down.

The Village now has to pay back the money they've collected since Ruehlman ordered the permanent injunction, which is about $48,000. They also have to pay to store the equipment until the end of the court case.

"I am so happy about it. I love it. I want them to be down, and hopefully they cannot do anything about it and try to get them back up,” said Holly Calhoun, who works across the street from the cameras at Oak and Vine Streets.

She said the cameras have also cut into the store’s business.

For one Elmwood Place resident, he says the cameras have also hurt his relationship with his family.

"My family members don't even want to come see me because they don't want to come through Elmwood because they're going to get a ticket,” said Kenneth Cornist, who lives in Elmwood Place.

Cornist told FOX19 that the cameras were only there as a moneymaker.

"It's a trap.  It's a trap to make money, and I'm glad they're coming down.  At least my family members will come see me now,” said Cornist.


In our commitment to balanced news, we tried to contact and find William Peskin, Elmwood Place’s police chief.  Those attempts have not been returned yet.  We also attempted to talk with mayor Stephanie Morgan.  She said she had no comment.

Attorney Mike Allen, representing the plaintiffs, is seeking a class action lawsuit in the case. Judge Ruehlman ruled that a class action lawsuit can be filed and set a hearing for Oct. 2.

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