KSP get DNA from murdered Ft. Mitchell teen's fmr. boyfriend

Michaela C. Briede & Joshua Darlington - Darlington photo from KSP
Michaela C. Briede & Joshua Darlington - Darlington photo from KSP

The boyfriend of a Ft. Mitchell teen who was killed back in May has submitted his DNA for inspection by state police.

Michaela C. Briede was found dead in an apartment on West Chelsea Circle, off Buttermilk Pike. She shared the apartment with her boyfriend, Joshua Darlington.

According to CrimeStoppers, Darlington told police the night of Briede's murder that he awoke to find two strange men in the couple's bedroom.

Darlington told police the men demanded money and drugs before leaving.

Darlington survived the encounter without injury but was not able to identify the persons responsible for shooting Briede.

"My daughter is dead and he doesn't think enough of her to step up and tell what happened," said Candy Briede, Michaela's mother.

Candy Briede still says every day is a struggle since her daughter was tragically killed last month.

Police describe the night of the murder as 'not a random act'. Darlington claims he didn't get a good look at the suspects, but Candy thinks otherwise.

"He knows what happened and someone had revenge, and why isn't he telling what happened?"

Fort Mitchell Police issued two search warrants for Darlington, one for his cell phone records, another because they want to compare his DNA with DNA found on shell casings.

"There are multiple people that at least have knowledge of the crime, not necessarily responsible for participating in the crime but that they know something," said Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders.

Sanders says despite gathering more evidence from Darlington on Friday, he's not considered a suspect at this point.

According to the arrest warrant, besides submitting a DNA test, Darlington isn't cooperating with law enforcement.

"The investigation has frustratingly and unfortunately not produced enough evidence against any individual," Sanders explained.

Candy says she warned her daughter about some red flags in Darlington.

"I just feel like sometimes he sucked that life out of her," said Briede.

Candy says she's proud of all her daughter accomplished as an honors student at Grant County High School and attending Thomas More College, and she hopes to find answers sooner than later.

"Michaela was rock solid. She was a star, and she had so much to live for."

The DNA test results were taken to the Kentucky State Police crime lab for processing. It's not yet known how long the results will take.

Anyone with information should call Crimestoppers at 513-352-3040.

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