Kerry: Bush Broke Promises

Kerry says Bush broke promises, set wrong course in Iraq

John Kerry has spoken in Cincinnati this morning. He was at the site where President Bush described Iraq as a threat to the United States. Kerry said the president left a trail of broken promises on the path to war and squandered money that could be put to better use at home.

The Democratic presidential candidate said he would not have made what he called "the wrong choices" that are forcing us to pay nearly the entire cost of the war. He said the cost was more than 200 billion dollars and pointed out that the amount is not being investing in education, health care and job creation here at home.

The speech showed Kerry shifting from a defensive stance, fending off charges of inconsistencies on the war, to an aggressive challenge of Bush's decisions in the time leading up to the war and in the aftermath of war. I

n a speech at the same place, the Cincinnati Museum Center, Bush made a case in 2002 for removing Saddam Hussein from power.