Peterson Trial Could Run Into November

Scott Peterson trial could run into November; words exchanged between families

The end of Scott Peterson's murder trial may be in sight - but just barely. The trial is in its 15th week. Judge Alfred Delucchi has told jurors the prosecution intends to wrap up its presentation by month's end. The defense case is expected to run three weeks, meaning closing arguments in late October. A conviction would add a penalty phase. Today, a witness testified Scott Peterson had no reason to drive to San Francisco Bay to fish December 24th, 2002, other than to dump his wife's body, as Modesto has many closer lakes.

After court, Peterson's father -- knowing Laci's stepfather also went fishing that day -- asked sarcastically: "Where did YOU go fishing?" Ron Grantski, headed down an escalator, responded: "You come down here and I'll tell you where I went fishing."