Thousands unfazed by rain for Cincinnati Pride

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Saturday's pride festival was like no other Cincinnati has seen before with thousands of people who didn't seem to be  bothered by the rain, live entertainment and a chance to celebrate who you are in public without prejudice or shame.

"Just being around a bunch of folks who aren't afraid to show who they really are. It makes me feel better about embracing my sexuality as well," explains Dani Smith of Louisville, Ky.

Steve Newsome, with Cincinnati Pride, one of the event's organizers says there was plenty of reason to celebrate.

"We've got just an air of jubilation coming off the Supreme Court's decision to strike down the defense of marriage act," asid Newsome. "So really it's a great celebratory occasion."

Greg Blanton from Alexandria, KY says the high court's decision matters a lot. "That's a great big deal. I mean of course it's state to state at this point, but Ohio and Kentucky they'll catch on eventually, eventually."

35 couples, both gay and straight were able to exchange their vows publicly in a mass commitment ceremony which matters a lot to Patrick Gee and his partner Ken Williams.

"It was a bit overwhelming actually, really overwhelming," said Gee. "We've been together five and a half years, but we thought it was important to show the world we love each other. Absolutely"

Diane Vasquez moved to Cincinnati with her partner Ashley Asselin. Vasquez says being able to make their commitment in public is a big deal.

"It's huge. It's the ability to feel like, it's not just something private, but it's something that can be celebrated for everyone not just yourselves."

Mickey Frimming is celebrating all the pride by coming up with a delicious treat you won't find anywhere else. She says she makes frozen cheesecake sticks called cheesesicles.

"I make two different flavors. One of  the pink triangle. It's a raspberry cheesecake dipped in pink vanilla and I have the pride sicle with is a classic cheesecake and its dipped in chocolate."

The festival was a testament to how far Cincinnati has come in embracing tolerance.

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