70 MPH speed limit now in effect

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Beginning July 1, the speed limit on I-71 will increase to 70 mile per hour, affecting sections of the interstate outside of urban areas.

In Southwest Ohio, drivers will not see the higher speed limit until they are north of the Jeremiah Morrow Bridge.

Motorists who use the interstate route have mixed reactions.

"I think I'll have to be a little more cautious, but it will enable me to get to places a little bit quicker,"  said Marcus Green, a driver from Columbus.

Another driver, Ron Hostetler of Mercer, PA said, "I would think 70 is real good for interstate. It keeps the traffic moving at safe speed."

Other drivers are worried about the effects of the new speed changes.

"I'm riding a motorcycle, you know, 65 is a little scary, but 70 mile an hour....I'm not big on it," said Ron DeAngelo, a Harley Davidson owner from Columbus.

Although the new speed changes can effect the flow of traffic, some drivers do not think it will change driving habits.

Jeremy Jones of Cleveland said that most people do not obey the speed limit at the current speed, which is 65 miles per hour.

"It won't change my driving habits, but I do think it will be more dangerous because we just came from Kentucky and people don't just drive 70....they go 80 or 90," said Jones.

To view a map of the speed changes, click here. For more information, visit the Ohio Department of Transportation website at www.dot.state.oh.us.