Metro tokens discontinued, new fare options for riders

Metro no longer accepts tokens

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Metro is introducing new fare options for riders after discontinuing metro tokens last December. The alternatives for tokens are a part of an effort to make things easier and more convenient for riders.

Riders now have four new options to pay for metro fare, including: 10-ride tickets, store-valued cards of $10, $20, $30 (which will start in August), cash, and 30-day passes.

Metro Public Affairs Manager, Jill Dunne believes that the new payment options will bring riders up to speed.

"They're not as cumbersome as the tokens, and they're certainly more 2013 as opposed to the old-fashioned tokens that people used for decades and decades," said Dunne.

Riders who have used the bus tokens for years now have to become adjusted to the changes.

"I've used bus tokens as far back as I can remember using public transportation, over 15 years I know," said Lakisha Burton, a Cincinnati resident who used her last token the evening of June 30.

For Brandon Hare, another rider, he says the paper fare options are too easily damaged and wishes the tokens were still an option to ride the bus.

"The brass and the silver tokens were convenient because you can put them inside your pocket, and don't have to worry about them being damaged," said, a frequent Metro rider.

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