Emergency Communications Center hires additional help

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - After a Public Safety Committee meeting regarding concerns about the city's Emergency Communications Center, the City hiring freeze was lifted and 10 new Assistant Operator/Dispatchers have been hired.

An additional six to eight dispatchers are in line to be hired in coming months.

City Manager Milton Dohoney issued the following memo to the mayor and council members on Friday:

At the May 29, 2013 Public Safety Committee Meeting, Chairman Wendell Young requested that the Administration keep the Council informed on staffing issues at the Emergency Communications Center (ECC). This is to inform you that the ten (10) ECC prospective employees whose hiring as Assistant Operator /Dispatchers was held up because of the City hiring freeze have now been hired effective June 24, 2013. Once this group of 10 has completed Phase I of their training in 3 to 4 months, another group of 6 to 8 will be able to be hired. Phase I of training will include Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Training for this new group as well as the six police dispatchers who have not yet been able to attend EMD training. The six dispatchers includes one who has been recently reinstated. EMD training is scheduled for the week of 7/22 7/26. Barring any unforeseen absences, all ECC floor personnel will have completed EMD training by 7/26/13.

"It is a relief to see these steps being taken," said Young. "It is my hope that this much-needed increase in the Emergency Communications Center staffing level will alleviate the issues that have caused concern so far, both for those calling 911 and those answering the phones, leading to improved safety and response."

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