N. Ky. cracking down on temporary fireworks stands

(FOX19) - Some cities in Northern Kentucky are cracking down on temporary fireworks stands. Officials say it's a safety measure and want to make sure all fireworks are sold in permanent establishments.

Florence banned the pop-up tents in 2012, and now Edgewood and Elsmere are doing the same.

On Monday, Dan Wilmont and his daughters went fireworks shopping at Phantom Fireworks. He says hearing about the different cities doing this is refreshing because it's scary to think about buying something that isn't regulated.

"I got kids of my own so I'm all with the safety," Wilmont told FOX19's Brett Hoffland.

Phantom Fireworks manager Jerad Lebretton says this has actually helped their business, and they're trying to eliminate some of the negative stigmas associated with fireworks.

"A lot of the unprofessionalism that you see in some manufacturers and sellers, we're trying to overcome that," said Lebretton.

The Elsmere ordinance states that nobody shall 'engage in the sale or possession of fireworks for sale within the city of Elsmere outside of a building'.

"I've been going to the tents buying stuff. I didn't know it was dangerous but I guess I will start going here more often," said Wilmont.

Two years ago, the Kentucky General Assembly allowed the sale of larger, more powerful fireworks, which is one reason many cities want to see stricter enforcement of some out of state vendors who set up tents throughout the region.

"Being able to sell out of a physical structure helps. Having trained employees and safety videos that we have available here at the store and online," said Lebretton.

"You got to show your ID. You got to really go through some stuff to get some fireworks," said Wilmont.

The local fire departments are in charge of enforcing any violations. First a cease and desist order is given to the fireworks stand owner.

If they fail to comply, they could face legal action.

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