Cleanup continues on Columbia Pkwy. after mudslide

(FOX19) - Mudslide cleanup efforts along Columbia Parkway continued into rush hour Tuesday.

The City is asking drivers to slow down and use caution when approaching the landslide area, and consider alternate routes if possible.

The incident happened late Monday evening under flash flooding conditions.

"I went into the kitchen and I came back into the bedroom which faces that way and here we have red white and blue lights and excitement," Joan Cavally recalled of the overnight scene.

Cavally's house perches above Columbia Parkway giving her a clear view of the traffic backup caused by the mudslide clean up.

"This isn't good but I'm really not surprised," she told FOX19.

"This location here was new location that just popped up," Cincinnati Geotechnical engineer Rich Pohana told FOX19. "Here the retaining wall is very low the slope above it is very steep."

Rich Pohana watches Cincinnati's slopes to look for potential issues. He says there is only so much that can be done about Columbia Parkway's problems which are inherited from engineers past.

"When they originally built the parkway they over-steepened the slopes back in the 1930's and the retaining wall should have gone higher," Pohana explained.

He says mathematically the soil shouldn't even be on the slope it is so steep. The mudslides will continue to happen, according to Pohana, especially when the rain comes down in buckets, forcing the city to haul off truckload after truckload of the mucky mass and tying up traffic.

"I think the City's been doing very well," Cavally said. "After all, we've been having how much water, water, water … and we are not having flooding like other places. I think we should be grateful that it's no worse than it is."

According to Pohana, there are possible long-term solutions, but they are all very expensive.

Currently city engineers say paying for trucking and labor is the most economic way to deal with the mudslides.

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