19 applicants so far for CPD police chief

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The first internal candidate has applied for the top cop job in Cincinnati.

Acting chief Paul Humphries, a 26-year veteran of the city's police force, has submitted his application.

He took over when James Craig left for the chief of police job in Detroit in June.

Humphries makes 19 candidates so far.  On the most recent list of applications received, you'll find a long time member of the Cincinnati Police Department, who was also a finalist for the chief job in 2011, but is now working in Florida.

We took a closer look at the list, and just who some of the applicants are, and where they come from.

About two years removed from filling the city's police chief job last time, city leaders are back at it again.

We were able to contact the lone candidate from Davenport, Iowa.  He applied alongside former chief James Craig in Cincinnati in 2011, and again for the job this year in Detroit.

"I had applied for the Detroit position, the one that Chief Craig got.  I did do about an hour and a half phone interview for that position," said Frank Donchez, chief the Davenport Police Department.

Another familiar name is back on the list after being a finalist for the job in 2011 in the Queen City.  Vince Demasi was a veteran of over 30 years with the force.  He's now chief in West Palm Beach, Florida.

"The gunplay that's occurring has got to stop.  We got to figure out a way to get this abated because it's too frequent.  It's gone on too much," said Demasi in an interview with FOX19 in 2011.

Another notable name on the list is former Richmond, Virginia chief, Bryan Norwood.

He agreed to supervise R&B singer Chris Brown while on probation for an assault on pop singer Rihanna.  He was to serve 180 days of community service, but court documents say prosecutors believe he skipped much of it.

They say a review of documents from the Richmond Police show "sloppy documentation" and "fraudulent reporting."

"I think the city is doing well.  The crime rates at the end of the year, we're going to be able to say that things are flat," said Norwood in a 2009 interview.

The 19 police chief applicants are as follows:

  • Paul Humphries, Cincinnati interim chief
  • James Barren, the former chief in Detroit
  • Alan Chertock, a retired Major from Satellite Beach , FL
  • Vince Demasi, a former assistant chief here in Cincinnati and current chief in West Palm Beach, FL
  • Frances Donchez, chief in Davenport, Iowa
  • Robert Girod, chief in Haviland, Ohio and consultant
  • William Heim, chief, Reading, PA
  • Ronald Krueger, former chief in Rockledge, FL
  • Nicholas Metz, deputy chief in Seattle withdrew from consideration
  • Bryan Norwood, former chief in Richmond, VA
  • Donald Pezzuto, retired lieutenant in Rockdale, IL
  • Bill Press, retired chief in Fairhope, AL
  • Edward Reynolds, chief, Forrest City, AR
  • Raimundo Socorro, commander of the communications unit in Miami
  • Jerry Speziale, deputy superintendent, New York/New Jersey Port Authority Police
  • Melvin Tennyson, chief, Okaloosa County Airport, FL
  • Mark Whitman, adjunct faculty, Harrisburg Community College
  • Ellwood Whitten, chief, Harlingen, TX
  • Darryl Winston, retired assistant chief, Milwaukee 

In our commitment to balanced news, we are trying to make contact with all the applicants.

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