Superman license plate coming to Ohio

FOX19 artist rendering
FOX19 artist rendering

COLUMBUS, OH (FOX19) - State Representative Bill Patmon (D-Cleveland) announced earlier this week the enactment of Amended Substitute House Bill 59, which included an amendment to allow Ohio citizens an opportunity to recognize an international superhero.

"I'm glad to see Clark Kent is finally out of the phone booth," Representative Patmon stated of the budget amendment.  "It has been two years of working towards making this license plate a reality.  I have overcome several obstacles during this legislative adventure and had the opportunity to meet some super individuals that help represent how super this hero really is."

Previously introduced in the 129th General Assembly as House Bill 339, the Superman license plates stalled in the Ohio Senate Highways and Transportation Committee. Beginning in October of this year, citizens throughout the State of Ohio will be given the option to choose Superman themed license plates, providing citizens of Ohio the option to acknowledge a hero whose roots began in Cleveland and spread throughout the world.

The license plates will commemorate Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, the two men responsible for creating the character of Superman in comics.  Writer Jerry Siegel created Superman while living in a small house in Glenville, a Cleveland neighborhood.

Pursuant to section. 4503.732. (A) of the Ohio Revised Code, The owner or lessee of any passenger car, noncommercial motor vehicle, recreational vehicle, or other vehicle of a class approved by the registrar of motor vehicles may apply to the registrar for the registration of the vehicle and issuance of "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" license plates. The application may be combined with a request for a special reserved license plate where upon receipt of an application for registration of a motor vehicle, the registrar shall issue to the applicant the appropriate motor vehicle registration and a set of "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" license plates and a validation sticker, or a validation sticker alone when required.

In addition to the letters and numbers ordinarily inscribed, the license plates will also bear the words; "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" and shall be inscribed a design, logo, or marking selected by the entity that owns the Superman name. The registrar shall approve the final design after entering into a license agreement with that entity for appropriate use of the Superman name and associated logo or marking, as applicable. The license plates shall bear county identification stickers that identify the county of registration by name or number.  For each application for registration and registration renewal notice the registrar receives regarding the Truth, justice and the American Way license plates, the registrar shall collect a contribution of ten dollars, which will in turn be paid to the Siegel & Shuster Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to commemorating and celebrating the creation of Superman in Cleveland, Ohio.

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